Flirt 4 Free Guys

flirt-4-free-guysDaily practices of a horny woman who loves hunky men and has an addiction for Flirt 4 Free Guys. It works if you are gay or bisexual as well!

You might think that gay men or bisexual guys would be the only one to check this hunks of men parading their “substantial” fare for the pleasure of their viewing eyes, and you would be right… In part at least.

Flirt 4 Free has a section of guys that guys who are into men just love. But they are not the only ones who’s libido needs the powerful manipulation of a hot bod, and I, your humble web mistress is one of them. Yep, that’s right. I like ‘em strong and big and beautiful, but unfortunately, the more yummy these guys are, the more they prefer to flirt with other guys…

Still, if you look carefully, in all the sub categories that Flirt 4 Free has so conveniently laid out for us, there are guys for every taste, and whilst some of them wouldn’t give the time of day to a horny woman like me, let alone that thing that we all crave for, you know, those long and thick inches, there are others who swing both ways, and these are the guys I always choose to flirt with.

Whether you a bisexual man, a gay guy or just a horny woman like me, if you want to have fun, you’ll find your guy just fine. Here is an idea of what you can look forward to:

Boy Next Door
Euro Muscle Men
Latino Macho Mucho Manos! (Just made this up)
Condo Boys
And the sumptuous option of the double delight guy-guy combo for those of us who are into sandwiches.

And that’s not all. The other day, as I was browsing, my then boyfriend stumbled upon a page I was about to close which featured Shemales. Now if you don’t what shemales are, Dude, you’ve got to find out. And Flert4Free has them as well.

When it comes to my kind of guys, I like them long and thick (it’s personal preference, what can I do). But as long as they measure up nicely, they can be cut or uncut, it doesn’t make any difference. I happen to think that there is something sweetly mesmerizing when a guy whacks his meat and you can see the skin go over his head and back down again. I am drooling just thinking about it!

Another thing that is important to me is that the guy has to look as if he is enjoying himself. I mean who wants to flirt with a dude who looks like he is bored out of his wits and can’t wait to get out of there.

Now what about cost? Yes, I know, the title says FLIRT 4 FREE, and that is exactly what happens. But if you want to see more action, like marvel at the dudes’ long and thick like any horny woman or man would, then you’ll have to put your hand in your pocket (it’s busy elsewhere is what you are telling me?) and part with some of your hard earned cash. How much cash you scream? Well not a lot of cash, put your hand back where it was. You purchase minutes at the rate of $5.99 per minute. But here is where it gets interesting. You use your money according to the service you choose for yourself. Obviously 1 on 1 chat session will be more expensive that party chat rooms and believe me, there is a lot of fun to had in them Flirt 4 Free party chat rooms.